Highsleepers Kids Beds

Highsleepers Kids Beds

Kids Highsleeper Beds With Storage

Looking for a fun bed space that maximises storage and play area? Bed Kingdom has a wide range of children’s high sleeper beds to meet your requirements. We stock various brands and products – ranging from the Stompa high sleeper and Thuka trendy high sleeper to the Steens Memphis high sleeper and Parisot high sleeper. With various credit options available, purchasing a new bed for your children has never been easier. All customers can benefit from fast delivery upon placing their orders too!

Shop for kids' high sleeper beds with storage

If you’re constrained by space in your child’s room, you can rest assured that a kid's high sleeper bed will provide you with more innovative and creative storage solutions. Bed Kingdom has a premium selection of boys' and girls' high sleeper beds that help you maximise space and meet the demands of even the most temperamental teenagers! We understand that creating storage in your child’s room is paramount. Multifunctional storage furniture allows you to serve your growing child’s needs over the years while offering them more space to play and study. Some storage options afforded by a kid's high sleeper bed include: • Built-in wardrobes • Shelving • Cupboards • Trundle drawers • Bookcases • Storage drawers • Pull-out chair beds A kid's high sleeper with storage offers enough room underneath for the children to stand and move about freely, meaning there are no safety concerns associated with the additional storage features. In fact, for younger children, optimising storage space helps them become more independent by teaching them to tidy up their spaces by themselves. Eliminate the demand for extra furniture in your child’s bedroom with a girl's or boy's high sleeper bed.

Premium children's high sleeper beds

Whether you’re looking for a boy's high sleeper or a girl's high sleeper, Bed Kingdom has got you covered. We have children’s high sleepers to cover all budgets and requirements. Consider the Julian Bowen high sleeper. This premium bed space comes with a fitted desk for children to complete their homework while still allowing for maximum play room. The same goes for the Parisot high sleeper which offers minimalist shelving around its desk space for books, memorabilia and more! Alternatively, we highly recommend the Stompa or Thuka high sleeper bed if you’re looking to capitalise on guest room. Remember, your child’s room shouldn’t just be about sleep. With a high sleeper, you can incorporate elements of play and study, and even encourage sleepovers. This ensures you create a space that your children will want to spend time in even as they grow. Shop our range today!

Why choose a children’s high sleeper?

A kid's high sleeper bed offers everything from style and space to functionality and storage. Even for those requiring the most simplistic and affordable bed spaces, the Steens high sleeper bed is a great option. We recommend choosing high sleeper beds to improve your child’s sleep. The height of these beds allows your child to feel safe and comfortable in their bed and prevents them from continuously getting preoccupied with their surroundings. The elevated bed space allows them to relax more, thereby contributing to their general development. What’s more, high sleepers function as a novelty that children can feature in their play. The various designs offered by Bed Kingdom can capture the imagination of children and foster creativity. Whether it’s a bedroom slide or a character design bed, your child is bound to have some fun! Perhaps the most important reason to consider a children’s high sleeper is its perfect balance between functionality and space. Your child can sleep, study and play all within the same area, while the various storage options ensure they keep the space neat and tidy. Be sure to shop our range today to find the perfect high sleeper for your kids.
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